The Center supports fellowships for Notre Dame undergraduates, Ph.D. students, faculty, and visiting scholars. 

The Menard Family Tocqueville Undergraduate Fellows Program

Group Picture Of Students And Guests With Archbishop Chaput
Fellows and friends of the program at a lecture and dinner honoring Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Federal judges Judge Amul Thapar,  Senior Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain, and Judge Thomas Hardiman were also present. 

Our Menard Family Tocqueville Fellowship is designed to cultivate a spirit and ethic of citizenship among a select group of Notre Dame undergraduates. The fellowship seeks to identify, educate, and mentor future leaders of industry, public affairs, and the Church.

Fellows attend the Center’s lectures and debates, participate in student colloquia, and engage in spirited conversation. Fellows engage with lecturers and one another to understand the fundamental principles of a decent and just political regime while developing the virtues of citizenship. They receive special invitations to engage with faculty and visiting speakers, as well as find summer and postgraduate opportunities through our network. The fellowship is made possible in part through the generosity of the John Menard family. 

Undergraduate students from Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College, and Holy Cross College are encouraged to apply

Visiting, Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows

Legge Dreher And Mark As Panelists At Event
Pictured left to right: Fr. Dominic Legge, Op., Rod Dreher, and Visiting Fellow Daniel Mark present at a seminar on The Benedict Option.

The Center sponsors and hosts visiting faculty scholars and offers post-graduate and post-doctoral fellowships. Visiting scholars and Center fellows participate in the Center’s intellectual life and enrich our community with their interests and expertise while pursuing their own research and, in some cases, teaching.

Busch Family Scholar

The Center’s Busch Family Scholar is a visiting fellow whose scholarship explores the Catholic intellectual tradition, especially as it relates to enduring and contemporary questions concerning a just constitutional order. The fellowship is made possible by the generosity of Tim and Stephanie Busch.

Garrett and Betsy Busch Fellowship

The Garrett and Betsy Busch Fellowship is awarded to a Notre Dame Constitutional Studies graduate student. The fellowship is named in recognition of Garrett S Busch, ‘09, MBA ‘10, and Elizabeth O. Busch, ‘09.