Announcing: Core Text Sequence for Fall '22 and Spring '23

Author: Center for Citizenship & Constitutional Government

Core Text Sequence in Citizenship & Constitutional Government

Update: The deadline to apply has been extended to Friday, April 8 at noon. 

The Center for Citizenship & Constitutional Government is pleased to announce this call for applications for a year-long “Core Texts in Citizenship & Constitutional Government” sequence with Professors Patrick Deneen and Vincent Phillip Muñoz. The sequence will take place during the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters, with Prof. Deneen leading the first semester on classical and ancient authors and Prof. Muñoz teaching modern texts in the second semester. 

The sequence is open to Constitutional Studies minors and Political Science majors in good standing, with the expectation that students will complete both semester courses. Students who complete the sequence will receive six credits in total, three credits each semester.

Sequence Course Description

The “Core Texts in Citizenship & Constitutional Government'' course sequence offers a select group of students an opportunity to study some of the seminal texts in history and philosophy of constitutional government. Students will study classical texts with Prof. Patrick Deneen and modern texts with Prof. Vincent Phillip Muñoz, including: Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, Augustine, Aquinas, Locke, Rousseau, Tocqueville, and others. Through small seminars, students will engage in a year-long conversation about justice, equality, liberty, and the rule of law. 

The sequence is designed for students looking for and willing to engage in deep, deliberate, and careful study of core texts of Western constitutionalism. 

Application Information 

Applications for the Core Texts Sequence in Citizenship & Constitutional Government are due by noon Friday, April 9, 2022; applications received after that time cannot be guaranteed full consideration. Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the course in time to register into the appropriate fall class. Anyone with questions about the course is encouraged to contact Professor Muñoz at

Please note that applicants must be enrolled in the Constitutional Studies minor or must major in Political Science. If you are interested in declaring the minor, please contact Jen Smith at

To apply, please complete this form.