Panel: "After Obergefell: The Future of Marriage, Gay Rights, and Religious Freedom"


Location: DeBartolo 155

The Tocqueville Program for Inquiry into Religion and Public Life, the Constitutional Studies Minor, the Arts and Letters Dean’s Fellows, and BridgeND are pleased to present After Obergefell: The Future of Marriage, Gay Rights, and Religious Freedom, a debate between Stephen Macedo (Princeton University) and Ryan Anderson (Heritage Foundation).


The debate will take place in 155 DeBartolo Hall at 7pm on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. It is free and open to the public.


Dr. Macedo and Dr. Anderson will address, in a Lincoln-Douglas format, the merits of the Supreme Court’s Obergefell (2015) decision to extend constitutional protection to same-sex marriage and what that decision portends for the institution of marriage and religious liberty.


Stephen Macedo is the Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Politics at Princeton University. A noted scholar of political theory, public policy, and law, Professor Macedo also served as the Director of the University Center for Human Values and as vice president of the American Political Science Association. He is the author and co-author of many books, including Just Married: Same-Sex Couples, Monogamy, and the Future of Marriage (2015, Princeton University Press).


Ryan T. Anderson is the William E. Simon senior research fellow in American principles and public policy at the Heritage Foundation. Dr. Anderson’s work has appeared in major venues such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and National Review, as well as the opinions of Supreme Court Justices Alito and Thomas. He is the author of Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom (2015, Regnery Publishing) and What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense (2012, Encounter Books).


Book signings with both authors will follow the debate.