Building on courses across the College of Arts and Letters and the Law School, the Constitutional Studies minor is designed to encourage students to confront fundamental questions concerning justice, the rule of law, and human flourishing.

For those interested in signing up for the minor, please contact jsmith70@nd.edu to set up an appointment!


"Do Longer Prison Sentences Decrease Crime? Decide for Yourself"


Location: Eck Hall of Law - Room 3140

The Notre Dame Federalist Society and the Constitutional Studies Program Present a Panel Discussion

#NeverTrump? - "2016 and the Future of Conservatism"


Location: LaFortune Ballroom


"2016 and the Future of Conservatism: A Conversation on the Rise of Trump, Trumpism, and American Constitutionalism" with Charles Kesler and David French.

"Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance That Forged America"


Location: Oak Room at South Dining Hall


We welcome Stephen Knott, Professor of National Security Affairs at the United States Naval War College.


Welcome back, students!

Director Professor Muñoz Receives Teaching Award

Constitutional Studies director Prof. Muñoz has been awarded for excellence in undergraduate teaching as a 2015-2016 Joyce Award winner! Read More >

What's Next for Our Graduates?

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