Why Con Studies?

Wondering why you should consider joining the Constitutional Studies Minor?  Here is what some of our recent graduates had to say about the program:

Joshua Dempsey, '16 - Philosophy

Josh will be participating in the ACE Master’s of Education program through Notre Dame.

"The CS minor allowed me to sharpen my interest in political philosophy and broaden
my knowledge of schools of thought through rigorous coursework and extremely helpful professors."

Alyson Houk, '16 - Political Science

Alyson will be attending law school in the fall at either the University of Cincinnati or the Ohio State University.

"The CS minor allowed me to take classes that explored my interest in the law in areas such as education law and criminal justice which helped me confirm that I was on the right path in choosing to attend law school."

John VanBerkum, '16 - Philosophy and Theology

John will be entering the Dominican novitiate shortly after graduating.

"The CS minor opened my studies to the realm of political philosophy, and thus to philosophy more generally."

Stephen Seitz, '16 - Marketing

Stephen is going to Chicago to start at the Nielsen Company doing marketing research and consulting for clients such as Kraft Heinz, Miller Coors, and many more.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse coursework available through the minor, as well as the professors that make the subject matter engaging."

Conor Greaney, '16 - English, Art Studio

Conor will be attending the University of Oregon’s Masters in Teaching program, with the goal of becoming a high school humanities teacher.

"The best part of the minor was getting the chance to learn more about the history and founding of our nation from amazing faculty who I would not have had as professors through my regular university education."

Kyle Palmer, '16 - Accountancy

Kyle would like to attend Law School, but for the time being, will return to his home state of Utah for a gap year in either local government or business.

"My Constitutional Studies courses have been the most enjoyable here at Notre Dame. As an Accountancy major, I don’t naturally get a lot of exposure to American Government and History.However, through the CS minor,I have been able to go beyond a typical Accountancy curriculum to gain a better understanding of a topic which I thoroughly enjoy."


Benjamin Brockman, '16 - Marketing

Benjamin will be moving to Indianapolis to take a marketing job at Eli Lilly.

"As a business major, I often have limited access to coursework outside of my field. The Constitutional Studies minor allowed me to explore areas of study and topics that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. While I am entering a career in business, I have a passion for government and politics that was able to shine through in this minor. I am grateful for the professors and the various courses and topics I was able to explore."

Elizabeth Helpling, '14 - Economics

Plans after graduation: Finance EMERGE rotational development program at Cardinal Health

Why did you minor in Constitutional Studies? What was your favorite aspect of the Con Studies Minor?

I have always been interested in law and in possibly pursuing a JD and a career in law, and after my first class with Professor Muñoz, I became very interested when he told me about the minor and the opportunities to take more classes related to American Constitutionalism and constitutionalism around the world.


Ben Leichty, '14 - Political Science

Plans after graduation: Return to my career in the Marines now as a new officer.

Why did you minor in Constitutional Studies? What was your favorite aspect of the Con Studies Minor?

I admire the brilliance of the Constitution’s structure and its historic success, but I did not know as much about it as I desired. I wanted to expand and deepen my knowledge of our Constitution as well as develop a better understanding of the Founder’s original intent. The classes and professors apart of the program were collectively my favorite aspect.


Matthew Doyle, '14 - Political Science

Plans after graduation: Columbia Law School

Why did you minor in Constitutional Studies? What was your favorite aspect of the Con Studies Minor?

I minored in Constitutional Studies for the opportunity to engage in political theory on a deeper level, specifically in the American tradition. The gateway course was my favorite aspect of the minor.  I really enjoyed debates with my classmates and the subject matter from Professor Muñoz.  Professor Muñoz’s mentorship since the class has been invaluable and I am extremely grateful for all of his advice.


Chris Dillon, '14 - Accounting

Plans after graduation: returning to ND for one year graduate program- Master of Science in Accountancy

Why did you minor in Constitutional Studies?

Ipicked Constitutional Studies as my minor because I thought that it would be helpful to gain a better understanding of the impact and importance of the Constitution in America. I have always found topics about the U.S. Constitution to be very interesting and the Constitutional Studies minor really allowed me to narrow my focus in on that subject in a way that the political science major could not. 

What was your favorite aspect of the minor?

My favorite aspect of the minor was the number of classes that would count towards the minor, covering a broad range of topics. I also liked the freedom to choose your own courses within the minor as you could basically pick any Constitutional Studies class that you wanted as long as you take the gateway course.


Stanley Fronczak, '14 - Political Science and Chinese

Plans after graduation: I will be attending law school here at the University of Notre Dame.

Why did you minor in Constitutional Studies? What was your favorite aspect of the Con Studies Minor?

I jumped at the chance to minor in Constitutional Studies late in my college career because it offered the classes I had traditionally been the most interested in and found to be the most useful in my daily life (it also offered the best professors!).  I cannot begin to explain how constitutional studies has helped me gain better insight to modern American politics and simple daily actions like watching the news.  Although many political science classes helped, constitutional studies classes really dove into the subject matter and had us think about and discuss the most pertinent discussions of today.  I really felt like I was not learning old material but trying to answer the questions of the future.  The experience was what I wanted out of college, and without constitutional studies, I probably would not have received it. 


Peter Candel, '14 - Finance

Plans after graduation: I will be working at Wells Fargo in Chicago as a Commercial Banking Financial Analyst. However, I plan on applying to law school to begin fall of 2016.

Why did you minor in Constitutional Studies? What was your favorite aspect of the Con Studies Minor?

My favorite aspect were definitely the courses and professors. They were the most interesting ones I took during my time here at Notre Dame. Prof. Muñoz and Prof. Barber have been two of my favorite professors here. 


Victoria Mansoor, '13 - Psychology

Plans after graduation: After graduation I am planning on taking a year off.
The following year I will return to school to receive my JD and MBA in a duel degree program. I could definitely see myself using what I've learned in the CS minor during my law studies, or at least reusing texts for research.

What made you choose the Constitutional Studies minor?

I chose the Constitutional Studies Minor because I thought it would be a nice starting point for a future law career. I felt like the topics covered and the texts assigned for reading would be a nice foundation entering law school without any polysci background. My favorite thing about the minor were  the classes.


Eric Elliott, '13 - History

Plans after graduation:  I will be attending law school at George Washington University.

What made you choose the Constitutional Studies minor?

The classes that I took for the minor taught me to read and think critically about text that were at times very dense. Furthermore, the writing assignments for these classes forced me to closely examine the texts and come up with an original argument that could be supported with evidence. All of these skills will be beneficial to me in law school.
I really enjoyed Professor Deneen's Constitutionalism, Law and Politics class that served  as the gateway course to the minor. We read many seminal texts of Western civilization as well as the United States history. Additionally, the writing assignments allowed me to really engage with the texts in a way that I would not have otherwise.
Do you have any advice for incoming CS minors?

I would encourage incoming CS minors to get involved with the CS activities and get to know both Professor Deneen and Professor Muñoz early on.

Gabriela Hernandez, '13 - Sociology and Latino Studies

Plans after graduation:  I am definitely looking into law school in the future.

What made you choose the Constitutional Studies minor?
I really like the Constitution and I saw Prof Muñoz in a debate with Prof Rosato and I wanted to take a class with him.

I really liked that courses like this were put together so I (a non-Poli Sci person) could get a minor in it.