Margaret Blume Freddoso

Former Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Office: 2035 Nanovic Hall

Margaret Blume Freddoso  joined the CCCG as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She received her doctorate in theology from the University of Notre Dame with a focus on ancient and medieval theology, especially the thought of Thomas Aquinas.

Dr. Freddoso has launched the CCCG’s initiative titled, “Natural Economic Order: What are the Necessary Components of a Good Economy?” The underlying aim of the project is to investigate the fundamental harmony between the Catholic understanding of creation and God's governance of the universe on the one hand, and modern economics' empirical discoveries about economic order on the other. In collaboration with Notre Dame Economics professor Kirk Doran, Dr. Freddoso created and taught an undergraduate course, “Economy: Divine and Human,” wrote an undergraduate textbook based upon this course, developed undergraduate discussion seminars, and initiated a scholarly research agenda on the harmony between the Catholic understanding of order in the universe, and the empirical findings of modern economics.

Dr. Freddoso has taught as an adjunct professor in Notre Dame's Program of Liberal Studies and at the Augustine Institute, and she has worked for Notre Dame’s McGrath Institute for Church Life. She received a masters in theology from the University of Notre Dame and attended Yale University, where she studied philosophy and literature. She is a co-founder and board member of St. Thomas More Academy.