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Donald Drakeman's Recent Book Highlights the Humanities

Author: Constitutional Studies

Dr. Drakeman has written extensivelycontinues to write and lecture about First Amendment Establishment Clause jurisprudence. Building, but his recent  on his insights into how the Supreme Court has relied on the work of Dr. Muñoz and other leading scholars in interpreting the First Amendment,work has broaden beyond the confines of constitutional law, narrowly understood .his most recent His most recent book, Why We Need the Humanities: Life Science, Law and the Common Good, highlights the importance for society of significance of studying the humanities and argues for their usefulness in every professional field.

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What's Next for Our Graduates?

Author: Constitutional Studies

Wondering what to do with a Constitutional Studies minor?  Here's what a few of our graduates are up to!

Benjamin Brockman will be moving to Indianapolis to take a marketing job at Eli Lilly.
As a business major, I often have limited access to coursework outside of my field. The Constitutional Studies minor allowed me
to explore areas of study and topics that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. While I am entering a career in business, I have a passion for government and politics that was able to shine through in this minor. I am grateful for the professors and the various courses and topics I was able to explore.

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