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Declaring the Minor

If I'm interested in the minor, what do I do to declare?

Students interested in the minor should contact Jennifer Smith to set up an appointment.

General Course Information

How do I know which courses to take?

See our Minor Requirements or Courses sections for more information.

Do I have to take the Gateway Course first?

No. It is encouraged, however, to take the gateway sooner than later.

Will there be room for me in ANY class on the list that I want to take?

No.  We have, however, been granted some seats for most classes (those are cross-listed and have an additional course name starting with “CNST”) that are saved for Con Studies minors.  As with any other course, it may be first-come, first-served regarding the scheduling of courses.  The only exception is the Gateway Course, in which we can likely make arrangements for interested students to enroll into the course as needed.

The Electives are divided into sections. Why?

The electives are divided for structural purposes only.  Students do not need to take one class from each section.  Students do not need to take classes from only one section.  Students may take any electives from the electives list, no matter the section.

What is the Capstone Experience?

Generally, The Capstone Experience requirement can be fulfilled by completing an additional elective course, as we do not have a dedicated capstone course at this time.

Can my AP courses count toward the minor?

Typically, AP course credits are applied only to University requirements and electives, not toward majors or minors.

Can I count a class for both my major and my minor?  What about a University or College Requirement?

Pre Fall 2018 / Classes of '19, '20, and '21:

No. Double counting is not allowed between majors and minors (per the Arts and Letters Double-Counting Policy).  This is a policy set by the registrar’s office, and should always be discussed with your Dean or Advisor for clarification regarding your academic standing in completing courses required for your major.

One course that you take as a University or College requirement or elective may be applied also toward a supplementary major or minor (per the Arts and Letters Double-Counting Policy).  This is a policy set by the registrar’s office, and should always be discussed with your Dean or Advisor for clarification regarding your academic standing in completing courses required for your major.  Because the minor’s requirements are only 15 credit hours, you will get the most out of the program if you choose not to double-count any courses for the minor.

Starting Fall 2018 with the Class of 2022:

A student seeking an Arts and Letters degree is allowed to count one and the same course to satisfy a university requirement, a college requirement, and a program requirement (major, supplementary major, minor). A multi-counted course can be used no more than once at each level (university, college, program). There is no limit to the number of multi counts a student may use in their degree.

Students may cross count (i.e. use one and the same course to satisfy two requirements in two different programs that require the same or similar courses). This course must be replaced by another course in one of the programs (= “Waive and Replace”).  See this policy for more information.

I think that I have already taken a course that should count - will it count toward the minor?

If you have taken courses that…

  • Are NOT being counted for your major
  • Are on the current semester list, or on a past list
  • Are SIMILAR in name/description to a course on the current or past semesters lists

…please contact Jennifer Smith.  We can look at your official or unofficial copy of your transcript and determine if courses can be applied to the minor requirements.  For courses that are not already on a list, a syllabus and course description must be sent to the Director, who will determine if the completed course is suitable to count toward the minor.

I'm not a Constitutional Studies minor. Can I still take Constitutional Studies courses?

Courses with seats listed under a "CNST" course number are reserved for students who have offiiclaly declared Constitutional Studies as a minor.  However, those courses also have a primary or parent department course number (e.g., POLS or HIST), which may or may not be open to anyone.  Also, after all students have had the opportunity to register, any students looking to take an open "CNST" seats may be eligible for an override on the MCTS minor restriction.  You will need to contact Jennifer Smith for more information.


Studying Abroad

Do I need approval to study abroad?

General department approval for studying abroad is required by your major and dean, however, not by the minor.  

Do I have to take courses for the minor while abroad? Or CAN I take courses for the minor while abroad? 

Depending on your class level, studying abroad should not interfere with completing the minor.  If you find courses that are availabe during your study abroad that you believe might count toward the minor, please provide course information and a syllabus to Jennifer Smith or the Director of the program for approval.  An additional form may also be required to record class approval. 


Graduate and Law Level Courses

What if I want to take a graduate level or Law course?

Great!  We hope you take the opportunity through our program to take a course at Notre Dame Law School.  These courses take special approval.  Interested students should inquire with the Director about course(s) you would like to take.  Additional approvals required, contact Jennifer Smith for more information.

I have more questions.  Who can I talk to?

Contact Jennifer Smith jsmith70@nd.edu or 631-5351 to make an appointment.  For questions or approval for courses, you can also contact Professor Muñoz directly at vmunoz@nd.edu to set up an appointment.  Your Dean or Advisor is also a great person to talk to regarding general questions about your schedule.

The minor office is located in the 2040 Nanovic Hall suite.  Due to frequent events, however, it is best to make an appointment to ensure that Jennifer Smith will be available to meet with you.