“Wollstonecraft, Mill, & Women's Human Rights”

Author: Constitutional Studies

Ruth Eileen Linda

Eileen Book Panel Poster 8

The Notre Dame Program in Constitutional Studies celebrated Dr. Eileen Hunt Botting’s new book: “Wollstonecraft, Mill, & Women's Human Rights.”

With commentary by: Linda Zerilli (University of Chicago Political Science), Ruth Abbey (ND Political Science), and Eileen Hunt Botting (ND Political Science).  Alasdair MacIntyre (ND Philosophy, emeritus) was unable to participate.

Friday, August 26 - 12:30 pm, Oak Room at South Dining Hall



Eileen Hunt Botting Resized

Dr. Eileen Hunt Botting, Associate Professor of Political Science at Notre Dame and author of Wollstonecraft, Mill, and Women’s Human Rights, is a political theorist who focuses on the history of Enlightenment, American, feminist, international, and liberal political thought