What's Next for Our Graduates?

Author: Constitutional Studies

Wondering what to do with a Constitutional Studies minor?  Here's what a few of our graduates are up to!

Benjamin Brockman will be moving to Indianapolis to take a marketing job at Eli Lilly.
As a business major, I often have limited access to coursework outside of my field. The Constitutional Studies minor allowed me
to explore areas of study and topics that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. While I am entering a career in business, I have a passion for government and politics that was able to shine through in this minor. I am grateful for the professors and the various courses and topics I was able to explore.

Joshua Dempsey will be participating in the ACE Master’s of Education program through Notre Dame.
The CS minor allowed me to sharpen my interest in political philosophy and broaden my knowledge of schools of thought through rigorous coursework and extremely helpful professors.

Conor Greaney will be attending the University of Oregon’s Masters in Teaching program next year, with the goal of becoming a high school humanities teacher.
The best part of the minor was getting the chance to learn more about the history and founding of our nation from amazing faculty who I would not have had as professors through my regular university education.

Alyson Houk will be attending law school in the fall at either the University of Cincinnati or the Ohio State University.
The CS minor allowed me to take classes that explored my interest in the law in areas such as education law and criminal justice which helped me confirm that I was on the right path in choosing to attend law school.

Kyle Palmer would like to attend Law School, but for the time being, will return to his home state of Utah for a gap year in either local government or business.
My Constitutional Studies courses have been the most enjoyable here at Notre Dame. As an Accountancy major, I don’t naturally get a lot of exposure to American Government and History.However, through the CS minor,I have been able to go beyond a typical Accountancy curriculum to gain a better understanding of a topic which I thoroughly enjoy.

Stephen Seitz is going to Chicago to start at the Nielsen Company doing marketing research and consulting for clients such as Kraft Heinz, Miller Coors, and many more.
I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse coursework available through the minor, as well as the professors that make the subject matter engaging.

John VanBerkum will be entering the Dominican novitiate shortly after graduating.
The CS minor opened my studies to the realm of political philosophy, and thus to philosophy more generally.