Can American Government Be Fixed?

Author: Constitutional Studies

The secret to good government is a question no one in Washington is asking: “What’s the right thing to do?”

After facing-off with Jon Stewart and giving a Ted Talk with a half-million views, renowned legal expert and best-selling author Philip K. Howard comes to Notre Dame this Thursday to share his vision for simplifying the American legal system to promote the common good.  

Howard is the founder of Common Good, a nonpartisan coalition that offers new ideas to restore common sense to all three branches of government.  His most recent book, The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government, has been praised from both sides of the aisle—including Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Fareed Zakaria and former Senator Alan Simpson.   

Whether you’re interested in business, medicine, politics or education, the law shapes your freedom and ability to get the job done. It’s hard to run a business today when so much law gets in the way of our passions and energy. Doctors, overcome by rules and legal fear, are afraid to speak up and can’t effectively treat patients. Teachers don’t have the freedom to teach when there’s a constant threat of lawsuits from angry parents.  

In a talk titled, Can American Government be Fixed? How We Lost Authority to Govern Ourselves and What to do About it?Philip K. Howard will share his vision for how our laws can liberate human ingenuity to meet the challenges of this century.  The talk will take place Thursday, October 2, at 3:30 pm.  More information can be found here.


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