Application Open: 2023 Poland Summer Study Abroad

Author: Center for Citizenship & Constitutional Government

Poland Study Abroad Building

Applications for Poland Summer Study Abroad are open until November 1. Led by CCCG Faculty Fellow Emilia Justyna Powell, this 3-week course offers a fully immersive international cultural and intellectual experience for students.

Professor Powell is a native of Poland and will teach the 3-credit course "International Law and Holocaust" (POLS 34220, cross-listed as IIPS 34410; fulfills WKSS within the LA5 or LA6 University Requirements; Political Science major requirement; Peace Studies core elective requirement for IIPS supplementary major or minor). This course examines the evolution of main principles of international law from World War II on with a particular focus on international criminal law, genocide, and crimes against humanity. In this context, students will learn, examine, and evaluate modern theories of international law and political science. Students will explore questions such as:

  • Which theory best explains the evolution of international law?
  • Are post WWII theories better able to grapple with the events of the Holocaust?
  • How have the Holocaust and World War II have shaped the need for interstate peace? 
  • How did these events become major catalysts for modern international justice?

The course will also consider the meaning of international justice (practical and via theoretical lenses), its execution on the international arena, and the way that this concept has evolved in the post-war period. This seminar embraces an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, including frequent visits to historical landmarks in Poland such as Auschwitz concentration camp, Stutthof Museum and Archives, Museum of Polish Jews, the Warsaw Rising Museum, Museum of the Second World War, Westerplatte, and Solidarity Museum.

Learn more and apply here.