Discussion with Patrick Deneen and Vincent Phillip Muñoz: "Has Liberalism Failed?"


Location: University of Nebraska (Omaha)

Join us in Omaha for a panel discussion featuring Patrick Deneen (University of Notre Dame), Vincent Phillip Muñoz (University of Notre Dame), and Carson Holloway (UNO).

Various observers (both supporters and critics) contend that the developed, liberal societies of the western world are under increasing strain. What are the sources of these strains? Do they emerge from the nature of the liberal society itself, or are they external in their origins? Do liberal societies have the resources they need to overcome their challenges and maintain their stability and success? The panelists will address these and other important questions regarding the prospects of liberalism today and in the future.

This public lecture is sponsored by UNO's Constitutional Studies Forum, with support by a grant from the Jack Miller Center. The event is co-sponsored by the Notre Dame Center for Citizenship and Constitutional Government.

This event will take place in the College of Public Affairs & Community Service (CPACS), Room 132 at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.