Book Launch: Darren Davis, "Racial Resentment in the Political Mind"


Location: B101 Jenkins and Nanovic Halls (View on map )

Join us for lunch and a discussion of Darren Davis' book, Racial Resentment in the Political Mind (University of Chicago Press, 2021). 


About the author: Darren Davis is the Snyder Family Mission Professor of Political Science and Lilly Presidential Fellow at the University of Notre Dame. Much of Davis’ research is concerned with identifying the social psychological motivations underlying political attitudes and behavior. This approach has been applied to specific research areas, including political tolerance, implicit racial attitudes, the role of threat and anxiety in political behavior, public reactions to terrorism, social desirability, the measurement of political and social attitudes, racism and racial politics, and the political behavior of African Americans. In addition to his new book, Davis is the author of a Cambridge University Press book, Perseverance in the Parish? Religious Attitudes from a Black Catholic Perspective. Based on the first national survey of African American Catholics, this book explores the perceptions of racism and racial experiences in the Catholic Church. His other book, Negative Liberty: Public Opinion and the Terrorist Attacks on America, examines the role of threat perceptions on the trade-offs between civil liberties and security, political tolerance, and ideas of citizenship. His research has been published in the most prestigious journals in the discipline. He was awarded the Emerging Scholar Award by Public Opinion and Elections Section of the American Political Science Association, which acknowledges the top scholar within 10 years of Ph.D.

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