Lecture by Mark Lilla: "Identity and Citizenship"


Location: Oak Room at South Dining Hall (View on map )

9.21.17 Mark Lilla

"Identity and Citizenship" by Dr. Mark Lilla, Professor of Humanities, Columbia University.

Thursday, September 21, 2017 – 4:00pm – Oak Room at South Dining Hall


Book signing will be available on Lilla's new book, The Once and Future Liberal

Event is free and open to the public


Mark Lilla, Professor of Humanities at Columbia University, specializes in intellectual history, with a particular focus on Western political and religious thought. A regular contributor to the New York Review of Books, he is the author of The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics (2017), The Stillborn God: Religion, Politics, and the Modern West (2007), The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals in Politics (2001),and G.B. Vico: The Making of an Anti-Modern (1993). He has also edited The Legacy of Isaiah Berlin (2001), and The Public Face of Architecture (1987). He is currently writing a book titled Ignorance and Bliss, and another on the history of the idea of conversion.



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