World Politics: Intro to Comp

Primary Number: POLS 20400

ConStudies Number: CNST 20200

ConStudies CRN: 12856

Primary CRN: 10124

Instructor: Schiumerini, Luis

Day/Time: MWF 11:30am-12:20pm

Attributes: IBCL - IBC Liberal Arts NSMA - NROTC Secrty/Miltry Aff SOSC - old Core Social Science WKSS - new Core Social Science

Location: Geddes Hall B001

Comparative politics is the study of world politics. More technically, it is the subfield of political science that uses the comparative method to study the politics within nations. The focus on politics within nations distinguishes comparative politics from international relations, another subfield of political science concerned with studying politics across nations – e.g. diplomacy, war, trade, international organizations. This course introduces students to big questions in comparative politics that are also of fundamental relevance for the world today. We will examine theories and evidence concerning three themes: States and Political Regimes, Democracy (its emergence, quality and erosion), and Development. The course focuses on substance, but we will also evaluate the quality of the evidence and theoretical logic underpinning influential ideas in comparative politics. Though the course is organized around questions, the readings and lectures will often draw on the experience of individual countries. We will also read widely, covering political science, history, economics, sociology, evolutionary biology and anthropology, and draw on specialized readings as well as clips and pieces aimed at a broader audience.