Tudor England: Pol & Honor

Primary Number: HIST 30410-01

ConStudies Number: CNST 30604

ConStudies CRN: 32390

Primary CRN: X

Instructor: Rapple, Rory (RRAPPLE)

Day/Time: MW 12:30pm-1:45pm

Attributes: HIST - old Core History; MESE - European Studies Course; WKHI - new Core History

Location: X

The period from 1485 to 1603, often feted as something of a 'Golden Age' for England, saw that country undergo serious changes that challenged the traditional ways in which the nation conceived of itself. These included the break from Rome, the loss of England's foothold in France, and the unprecedented experience of monarchical rule by women. Each of these challenges demanded creative political responses and apologetic strategies harnessing intellectual resources from classical, Biblical, legal, chivalric and ecclesiastical sources. This course will examine these developments. It will also look at how the English, emerging from under the shadow of the internecine dynastic warfare of the fifteenth century, sought to preserve political stability and ensure a balance between continuity and change, and, furthermore, how individuals could use these unique circumstances to their own advantage.