The Age of Alexander

Primary Number: CLAS 30112-01

ConStudies Number: CNST 30600

ConStudies CRN: 31376

Primary CRN: X

Instructor: Baron, Christopher (CBARON1)

Day/Time: TTh 12:30pm-1:45pm

Attributes: HIST - old Core History; WKHI - new Core History

Location: X

This course examines the military achievements of Alexander of Macedon (356-323B.C.) and their far-reaching political, social, cultural, and religious consequences. Topics covered include the Greek, Macedonian, Persian, and other cultural contexts of the time, Alexander's attitude toward divinity (including his own), his concept of empire, his generalship, and his legacy for Greco-Roman antiquity. Particular attention is devoted to representations of Alexander through the ages, beginning during his own lifetime with the accounts of ancient writers, historians and others, down to novels and films of the present day. Ancient authors and documents are read in translation.