Philanthropy & the Common Good

Primary Number: HESB 30348

ConStudies Number: CNST 30423

ConStudies CRN: 14981

Primary CRN: 14878

Instructor: Hannah, Jon

Day/Time: M 6:00pm-8:30pm

Attributes: CSTE - CST Elective HPVL - Hesburgh Pgm Values ZCSC - Commnty Engagement Course

Location: Jenkins and Nanovic Hall B062

This course will explore the roots of philanthropy in American society, the role philanthropy plays within the modern economy, and how philanthropic activity helps us create a better world and strive for the common good. The key component of the course requires students to act as a Board of Directors and use thoughtful analysis to award real grants to deserving nonprofits (a sum up to $50,000). Students are expected to come to each class prepared to discuss course readings, and to offer ideas and suggestions regarding the grant making process. Each student is also expected to complete two site visits to nonprofit organizations outside of normal class hours. Students will nominate nonprofits for awards and the class will systematically discuss, analyze, and ultimately vote to award the grants.