Law and Religion in US History

Primary Number: HIST 30640

ConStudies Number: CNST 30004

ConStudies CRN: 20737

Primary CRN: 20698

Instructor: Przybyszewski, Linda

Day/Time: TTh 2:00pm-3:15pm

Attributes: HBNA-History of North America HCT5 - HIST Cat 5: US HIST - old Core History HTRE - History of Religion WKHI - new Core History

Location: DeBartolo Hall 303

Americans have long supported religious liberty under law, yet many also believed that only a religious people could guarantee the success of the Republic. Americans argued over how to define religious liberty, and over which particular religion best suited a republican government. Some said God had made certain people too inferior for citizenship, while others shot back that He had made all people equally capable. One man's piety was another man's oppression, one woman's equality another woman's blasphemy. We begin with the colonial era the concerns of the Revolutionary generation, look at the 19th Century's reform movements and new state institutions, then consider the Civil Rights movement of the 20th Century, and the place of religion in public schools. This discussion class will examine legal documents, like judges' rulings, and popular beliefs in political speeches and best-selling novels.