Introduction to Public Policy

Primary Number: HESB 20010

ConStudies Number: CNST 20405

ConStudies CRN: 14992

Primary CRN: 14990

Instructor: Mueller, Paul; Rios, Jorge

Day/Time: TTh 9:30am-10:45am


Location: DeBartolo Hall 217

Public policy could be fairly described as applied social science. This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of public policy by (1) understanding how policy is crafted, (2) detailing the linkages between public opinion and public policy, (3) appreciating how political institutions may bound policy outcomes, (4) and exploring the ability of special interests, and other parties, to shape policy outcomes all while introducing you to various tools and frameworks for approaching the study of public policy. These tools will draw from an understanding of human behavior (psychology), markets (economics), governments (political science), and organizations (sociology) and introduce you to policy analysis. We will use a case study approach to delve into current public policy controversies including healthcare, higher education finance, and infrastructure. This course acts as the primary introductory course for the Hesburgh Minor in Public Service, but is designed for students of all majors and interests.