Cybercrime and the Law

Primary Number: CDT 40220

ConStudies Number: CNST 30420

ConStudies CRN: 14446

Primary CRN: 13640

Instructor: Tamashasky, Eric

Day/Time: TTh 5:05pm-6:20pm

Attributes: CDCY- Cmp&Dgtl Tch Cybr Secrty (CDCY) CDDF- Computatnl/Digital Focus (CDDF)

Location: DeBartolo Hall 102

Almost all crimes, or even human interactions, contain a digital component. The fact that "old" laws don't always fit "new" problems is no more apparent than in the area of cybercrimes. This course will include discussion of topics including: the methodology of typical cyber investigations, the application of the Fourth Amendment to digital evidence, and different types of cyber-specific laws enforced today. The course will also focus on the responses of both courts and legislators to the ever-evolving issues presented by computer crimes.