Church/State/Am Constitution

Primary Number: POLS 30662

ConStudies Number: CNST 30403

ConStudies CRN: 21615

Primary CRN: 21582

Instructor: Munoz, Vincent

Day/Time: MW 11:00am-12:15pm

Attributes: ALSS - A & L- Social Science MPPE -Minor in Phil, Pol &Econ

Location: Debartolo Hall 311

Class examines philosophical, constitutional, and political questions pertaining to religion and politics, including: Do individuals have a right to religious liberty? If so, how might that right be protected? How does the American Constitution protect the right to religious freedom? What is the proper relationship between church and state? Is religion necessary, good, or bad for liberal democracy? Readings include selections from classical, medieval, and modern political philosophy, leading cases of American constitutional law, and contemporary legal theorist and political scientists.