Catholicism and Politics

Primary Number: POLS 30654

ConStudies Number: CNST 30215

ConStudies CRN: 15521

Primary CRN: 15470

Instructor: Philpott, Daniel

Day/Time: TTh 9:30am-10:45am

Attributes: CSTE - CST Elective MPPE -Minor in Phil, Pol &Econ WKCD - new Core Cathol&Discipl

Location: Hesburgh Library 107

Catholicism and Politics poses the question, both simple and complex: How ought Catholics to think about the political order and political issues within it? The first part of the course will survey major responses to this question drawn from Church history: the early church, the medieval church, and the modern church. The second part applies these models to contemporary issues ranging among war, intervention, globalization, abortion, the death penalty, religious freedom, gender issues, and economic development. The course culminates in "Vatican III," where teams of students, representing church factions, gather to discover church teachings on selected controversial political issues.