American Politics

Primary Number: POLS 20100

ConStudies Number: CNST 20002

ConStudies CRN: 23469

Primary CRN: 21214

Instructor: Radcliff, Benjamin (BRADCLI1) [Primary, 100%]

Day/Time: MW 2pm-3:15pm

Attributes: SOSC - old Core Social Science; WKSS - new Core Social Science;

Location: 1144 129 - DeBartolo Hall 129

This course surveys the basic institutions and practices of American politics. The goal of the course is to gain a more systematic understanding of American politics that will help you become better informed and more articulate. The course examines the institutional and constitutional framework of American politics and identifies the key ideas needed to understand politics today. The reading and writing assignments have been designed not only to inform you, but also to help develop your analytic and research skills. The themes of the course include the logic and consequences of the separation of powers, the build-in biases of institutions and procedures, the origins and consequence of political reforms, connections between demographics and politics, and recent changes in American politics in the 21st century. This semester we will emphasize the significance of the upcoming elections. Although the course counts toward the Political Science major and will prepare prospective majors for further study of American politics, its primary aim is to introduce students of all backgrounds and interests to the information, ideas, and academic skills that will enable them to understand American politics better.