Minor Requirements

The Constitutional Studies minor requires 15 credit hours of class work:

The minor’s gateway course (3 credit hours)
  • CNST 50001/POLS 30661, “Constitutionalism, Law, and Politics”
  • This course addresses core topics in constitutional studies, such as, the history and philosophy of constitutional government and human rights and contemporary constitutional issues in American and international law.
  • This course does NOT need to be taken first
Three elective courses (total of 9 credit hours), which are grouped into the following clusters:
  • The American Founding and American Constitutional History
  • Constitutional Government and Public Policy
  • Comparative Constitutionalism and International Law
  • Constitutionalism: History and Philosophy
Capstone experience (3 credit hours)
  • Currently, an additional elective course will complete this requirement
  • Our first capstone course is expected to be introduced Spring 2015!


These categories focus on the great political and constitutional debates in American and world history and on the underlying principles of constitutional government – natural and civil rights, social contract theory, the market economy, voluntary associations, separation of powers, popular sovereignty, and the rule of law. Look at the list of courses that will be included in the minor.